Stofzuiger Deerma DX700s (grijs)
Stofzuiger Deerma DX700s (grijs)
Stofzuiger Deerma DX700s (grijs)
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Stofzuiger Deerma DX700s (grijs)
EAN: 6955578034992
Merk: Deerma
Maximaal vermogen: Minder dan 700 Watt
Deerma DX700S - One vacuum cleaner, many possibilities. If you are looking for a multifunctional vacuum cleaner for special tasks, the Deerma DX 700 will meet your expectations. Ergonomic design, high performance, plenty of application possibilities - check out what else it can surprise you with! Opt for mobility You can easily adapt the lightweight Deerma DX 700 vacuum cleaner to your needs. You can use it both as a small handheld vacuum cleaner - for example, for cleaning furniture or upholstery, and as a classic upright vacuum cleaner for floors. Cleaning is also facilitated by its light weight - it is only 2200 g. This makes it easy to move it between rooms or lift it to collect dust and cobwebs from the ceiling. You can get almost anywhere with the Deerma DX 700 vacuum cleaner - the practical 4.5-meter long cable will also enable you to do so. Soon there won't be a single dusty spot in your home! Enjoy flexibility To make it even easier for you to clean thoroughly, we equipped the vacuum cleaner with three interchangeable brushes. Each of them will work great on a variety of surfaces and help you bring perfect order. Check out what you can achieve with their help! Floor brush With a large brush you will quickly and effectively vacuum the floors. It is thin and rotating, so you can easily get it into hard-to-reach places as well. With its help you will get rid of dust from the space under the bed or between the legs of chairs - the thoughtful design of the brush will allow you to guide it as you wish. Dust brush A small dust brush will allow you to thoroughly clean smaller surfaces. With its help you will vacuum shelves, countertops, as well as furniture, such as sofas and armchairs, for example. Dust, hair of your beloved pet, crumbs - no, even the most stubborn dirt will hide from it. Crevice brush You can reach narrow crevices and nooks with the help of a crevice brush. It will squeeze into almost every corner and effectively remove debris from it. The space between furniture, crevices in sofas and armchairs, and even the keyboard - cleaning these places will no longer be even the slightest challenge! Choose triple protection Create a clean, dirt- and allergen-free environment with the help of a triple filtration system. Deerma DX 700 effectively isolates dirt, hair, dust and dander and takes care of your health! The rotary filter, with which the device is equipped, allows you to effectively prevent the re-deposition of dirt on surfaces. Thanks to this practical solution, you can enjoy long-lasting cleanliness and a health-friendly environment! Effective and comfortable cleaning The power of the 600 W motor and the suction force of 15000 Pa ensure effective and efficient operation of the vacuum cleaner - no, even the most stubborn dust particles will win against it. You can easily empty and clean the dirt tank with a capacity of 0.8 l, so you can reduce contact with dirt. What also distinguishes the device is its low noise level - it does not exceed 75 dB. Say goodbye to inefficient, difficult to use and noisy vacuum cleaners - Deerma DX 700 will make cleaning fast and pleasant. Design that works anywhere The simple, minimalist design of the vacuum cleaner makes it not only practical, but also a stylish addition to your home. The universal gray color of the device will fit perfectly into the character of any interior. The possibility of vertical storage will also save space. All this makes the Deerma DX 700 perfect for your home as well. Manufacturer Deerma Model DX700S Suction power 15 kPa Rated voltage 220-240V~50-60Hz Power supply Mains Noise level 75 dB Power cord length 4,5m Rated power 600W Dust container capacity 0,8l Weight 2.75kg Material ABS / polycarbonate

Stofzuiger Deerma DX700s (grijs)

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10 werkdagen
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4 - 8 werkdagen

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